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My name is Jake Worthen, and I am 38 years old and I am one blessed S.O.B! Sixteen years ago I made a decision that changed my life! I made $112,000.00 my first full year after making this decision. In fact, I just came across my tax returns for 2002 and 2003. It was within the years when the internet had just started becoming popular and we could all use it. I made six figures each year of my 20’s and even better….. I made my first million at 29 years of age!

Today, I have two houses, a cabin that overlooks the best fishing lake in the state, six ATV’s, Three Snowmobiles, A sexy Truck, A Plush Escalade for my lovely wife, a pontoon boat, I vacation once each quarter and I love my life! My wife and kids love their lives as well and those who say money doesn’t make one happy….. they’re wrong!

I give to charities, I opened a non profit to help orphans and abandoned pets…. And During the recent Hurricanes in Texas and now in Florida I was able to give and help a lot of people and more so than the average person. Not that my giving is any more valuable than any others, but my point is simply that I am able and do not have the worries most have.

I live the life you dream about, and you can have it too. But things could have been much different! Are you happy when you can’t pay your bills, or you're somewhere, you see something you want, and you cannot buy it because it’ll either put you in a hard spot, or you just cannot afford it, or worse…. Can you retire when you would like and as comfortably as you would like? Is your retirement going to be social security? Can you really live that way? Or call it living? My life wasn’t always this way though…. I was like you..… but you can be like me…. If you want!



I remember well the day that I was working two jobs….. Building trusses for homes and delivering ice. All the while, going to college so that someday I could get a degree that I likely wouldn’t use, and then work for someone who will never recognize my value nor appreciate me. And all this while trying to overcome the debt I incurred while going to college. My income….. was a measly $526.00 per week!

I was 22 years old, my wife Nicole was 20, and I remember signing up with Directv and choosing their $30.00 package and thinking, wow this is a lot of money! I drove a 1986 4 door Honda accord and we were living in my Wife’s grandparents second home. Her Grandfather lied to me and told me he needed someone to live in it or he would lose his homeowner’s insurance. I am positive to this day, and even as he said it, I knew he was lying to me to help out because I worked so hard for so little, but he saw in me something I didn’t quite see in myself at that time. And, thanks to that man (may he rest in peace) and a few others, I am where I am today. I am a six and seven figure earner. I am financially Independent. I am Rich! But it wasn’t always so…

Now, 17 years later, watching my son who just turned 18 becoming a man and wondering who he is? What does his future hold? Which path in life will he take? All he knows is what I knew at that age….that he will be rich! Do you remember going through this in your own life? I surely do. But how to make that money is the question….?

Now, I didn’t start out rich…..

as I said above, I started a lot like most folks just working hard and hoping that things wouldn’t always be this way…. Things will work out……I hope. But things just don’t work themselves out do they? We always keep hoping that break will come, life will let up some and we can breathe a little easier and maybe enjoy the good things in life…. But for most, it isn’t going to come.

Not ever….. but why? Because it doesn’t ever just fall in your lap! Or does it? I mean the opportunity I took just fell in my lap one day. But, the difference, the key, the point! I took it! I didn’t ask for it and wasn't given it! I TOOK IT!!! And then I ran with it hard! $112k my first year. A six figure earner at 22 years old! Read on and I’ll explain what I found, and you can determine if you agree. And if you agree…. Try my system… there is zero risk and the only way you can go from here is up right?

Let's get started now building my future, I am ready to be free!

The Day And Decision That Changed My Life...

This day was the start of all of my dreams coming true. But, as I said above I had two jobs, was going to school to become an Attorney, and not only was I recently married, but I had just found out that I was going to be a dad! This news was very exciting to me, but also very eye opening because that $30.00 satellite bill and $30.00 internet bill I was struggling to pay…. These seemed to pale in comparison to having my son. I mean that little fella, completely took to caring for him and meeting his every need and hopefully his every want! But I knew what I was doing wouldn’t get me there and I was scared that two jobs with college wouldn’t be enough. Sure maybe once I graduated. But an attorney? 8 years of school? What the heck was I thinking! But I wanted to enjoy my life with my wife and son! I wanted to have toys and vacation and do all the great things in life, you know when you are 15 or 18 years old and you envision your life with the spouse, the house the vehicles, maybe a boat and some vacations… well that didn’t really seem to be likely with what I was doing. But I knew deep down that some day I’d find what would some day make me rich. I just could be deaf and blind to that opportunity when it came. Do not be deaf and blind to the opportunity when it comes…

Then a friend named Chris came by the truss yard that my brother and I worked at one day as he often did. Chris was my brother’s age and his best friend, both being two years younger than I. I think I was about 22 years old at this time. Anyways, Chris was and still to this day is an awesome friend, And Im still thankful for the introduction he made to my brother and I. You see, Chris has been retired since the 8th grade. Or so it is said amongst us friends as kind of an inside joke but not really a joke because this guy is smart! He really lives a great life traveling and golfing, staying at the finest resorts and really he can do all of this without much lifting a finger. Now if we should all be that lucky? I think not. But hey, I’m not hating on him. In fact, I owe him big time just like after today you will feel the same towards me.

Chris and quite a lot of our High School friends and acquaintances were driving around hundred thousand dollar cars and living in these 5,000 square foot houses and all of them made between $100,000.00 and $500,000.00 annually! And not a one of them finished college. I mean, we hadn’t had time yet to get any type of degree but there was this up and coming new technology that was catching the world by storm. The INTERNET! And the internet has now surpassed real Estate in the leading vertical to make more millionaires than any other industry. And all of these people who we got to see with our own eyes were killing it! All that ran through my head though was, how do they all achieve that and I’m here working my life away strait slaving away day in and day out? But, I’d barely even learned to log onto the internet and was just learning what it meant to surf the web and what a search engine was?

Chris ate lunch with us and asked us to go meet a few fellas he knew and who were the guys who introduced all these new young rich fellas to their incomes. We were very reluctant though and didn’t think we really had the time to go do such things. I mean with school and two jobs and a pregnant wife at home? No, I didn’t have time and so we didn’t go! But let’s fast forward a few more months and getting within say two months of my son’s birth and my life hadn’t changed one bit! Same stresses, same situation but closer to that day I had the ultimate responsibility next to being married. And so My brother Mike and I went to meet these guys and I regret to this day not taking an hour out of my time months earlier. Why didn’t I do it then! Why hadn’t I been introduced right when I graduated? Ya, I still dwell on this. But hey, my life changed that day!

We met a few different fellas. The guy who really made the difference was a blunt talking fella that I’d describe as a dick! No that wasn’t his name, or the one his mom gave him. Maybe a lot of other’s call him that, but only because he is a blunt dude. And thank god, to this day that he is the way he is and was that day! He took us on the internet and showed us the system he used to make his money, and me being the dummy, I had literally almost no experience on the internet started out very discouraged, and by the time I left, I knew that my life was about to change…. Little did I know how much it would change. Little did I know I would come to make hundreds of people into six figure income earners and close to 20 millionaires or maybe more? I haven’t counted.

Let's get started now building my future, I am ready to be free!

I Began Thinking About My Future And That This Could Be My Job or Career.

This guy said a lot that day as we were there... I think like three hours! And afterwards, I knew I was going to quit my jobs and likely school as well. And I am no quitter! Not when things get tough or for any reason, but I have learned that one of the hardest things in life is knowing when to quit if in a situation that isn’t ideal or profitable. And so, after me taking a peak at this system and some of what most would think were insults, but really sometimes the truth just hurts. Yes, I was poor. And no, I wasn’t going anywhere big doing what I was. And no I wouldn’t likely get rich nor live comfortably doing what I was, and so it came down to “change”! I had to change. You need to change and we all do and constantly so!

After the deposits in his bank account, his balance and a few snidbits of the system he took me to his garage and driveway where there were several BMW 7 series, Mercedes Benz S-500’s, a Lamb, a Ferrari, Jaguars, Outti’s, Hummers and there was a few million dollars in vehicles there. His house.... well it had all the extras with plush carpet, tile, Granite and wood. He had a pool and hot tub, and maybe some people like this stuff, and some people aren’t so much into the flashy lifestyle, either way those who think money won’t make you happy? I do not believe you because I have been poor and now I’m rich and the hard times in life that come…. I am grateful for my blessings and the money I’ve made because money has made some of those times easier and bearable! When a kid or puppy is in trouble, I can help.

When my kid wanted to go to college I have the money! When my daughter gets married I will make sure she feels like the princess she is. When family members have passed on and there is not much money in my family, as most are poor, you bet I feel great that we have it all taken care of so a horrible tragic situation isn’t compounded because we can’t afford to bury them! And, little did I know that these things I’m telling you now are exactly what he told me! But hey those things did attract me! I wanted the great life with the big house and pool, the hot cars, boats and all the toys. I wanted that life! I was 22 years old… what did you want when you were 22? Now things are different and so are my wants, wishes and priorities. But time, experience, and just living life changes those things.

Are you stuck and feel nothing will ever change?

I have spoken to and known hundreds.... maybe even thousands of people in my short 16 year career and most are stuck in the rat race. And yet, when faced with the possibility or opportunity to change their life, they always seem to say the same things….. that they were going to wait for a better time, or 50 other excuses as to why they won’t budge, why they won’t try and keep on trying and never give up until they succeed! But most do not try! They are not comfortable and they are not truly happy, but maybe they are scared? Lazy? Procrastinators? Been burned? Have no imagination or creativity? Lack of hope? I could go on and on, and if this describes you, I hope that today the information I have will help you get past all of those fears and excuses because I once had that “one day” that changed everything for me and again my hope is today you find that today is your “one day”. And if the above doesn’t describe you and you have lived a mostly decent life and maybe are just now coming to the realization that there is more out there for you and you want to snatch it up? I also hope that today is your “one day” that you found the opportunity, system or whatever you want to call it that changed your life and for the better and for ever!

Now, do you currently find yourself with No Retirement?

No nest egg for emergencies?

Is your income just simply not enough?

Let's get started now building my future, I am ready to be free!

I Found My Dream Job Now Let Me Explain What It Is So We Can Get You Started Now!

My dream job ended up being in Marketing/Sales and let me tell you that never in my mind did I think I’d end up in Marketing or sales, or messing with the internet and computers for work. But here I am and here you are. The funny thing is there really isn’t much more to what I’m doing now and that your doing now that makes me the money I make!I mean, last week alone one of my verticals made me $21,000.00 in sales! One vertical and one week! Would that help you out some? Would that change your life? And that one deal is from a little product that costs a measly $47.00!

So, let me tell you what you will be doing! Very simply you will be creating traffic using Facebook and other social media platforms to make, lets call them commissions. Just plainly cutting and pasting some information and pressing the “post” button. All of the information and work is mostly done for you. But you will need your own fb page and profile. So, if you already have one, you are ahead of the game and if you don’t it is very easy to get one beause they are free!

You see, I consider myself a rock star genius! A legend in my own mind! And so what I did was hire a software engineer to build a software system that you will log into with a username and password. Now on the left side of the page there will be a list of resources for you to use like a video learning center and even another affiliate lead gen system that every time you fill out a small survey they’ll pay you like $5.00 and to boost your profits you can post the link on your Facebook page and every time someone fills it out you get paid too. If you don’t have a facebook page, it’s alright though you should get one. They are freee and you make a lot more money this way! Now this is just a small tool that I put in there to help you generate a few bucks here and there while you're going through my step by step system. I mean, one maybe takes 30 seconds and for $5.00, it’s not a bad gig. If you spent say 15 minutes and each paid you $5.00 that’s what $150.00? But also nothing to do with my ViralFBProfits System. As I said, it’s just an extra tool I added to help you out some.

So, let me tell you about that. Let me tell you about my ViralFBProfits system. But I’m not going to give too much away here as there are those who would steal the ideas to the software and rip a copy of it and I’d hate for someone to make an inferior product that gives people a bad taste about an internet marketing system. So, on the right side of the page….. is my system. And you will see the actual name of my system when you enter your username and password. Now, the system is very organized and simple! I created a video that I’d like you to watch that gives an over all birds eye view of what to do and how to use the system and how you make your money. After this 3 to 4 minute video, you will begin your journey. Now, there you will be presented with a step by step system. For example, what I did was in step one…. You will watch a video, read some content, complete a few tasks, and then take a small quiz. This possibly takes you 20 minutes to complete. And, as long as you complete the quiz with an 85% or higher your second step will be unlocked. Each step you complete will be a step closer to you generating ViraFBProfits! And by step 12 you will have a good and consistent flow of traffic that will be generating you more money in a day than you make in a week or even a month! If you spend 30 to 60 minutes daily, either on Facebook or the internet, then this sytem is for you because you can turn that 30 to 60 minutes into a paycheck as if you worked a week or month, but you did it in a fraction of the time! All you literally have to do to generate the flow of traffic is cut and paste some, let’s call it “content” or a short paragraph into a few social media platforms like facebook or twitter. And inside that “content” is your assigned affiliate I.D. which tracks your monies. Now the going rate today on a $47.00 sale I’m paid about $60.00 and on a $97.00 sale I’m paid between $130.00 to $160.00. I have designed this system so that anyone with a checking account and credit card can generate a danged decent income. But you have to complete the steps! If it takes you a day or two or two weeks, just complete the steps! You will have an Admin area that you can track and view your traffic and visitors and your profits!

You and I know that there are literally millions making millions of dollars on the internet and Facebook today! Let me show you and please for both of our sake do not give up! Do not procrastinate! And, if you complete all of my steps and you do not see traffic coming through and you aren’t making conversions and Monies, I will give your money back! But that will not happen! Because it works! You are reading this and so it works! But I know I will not have to return any monies because the funny thing..... My system, the one you are about to buy is the same system I used to get you to this page! It works ok? I mean I got you here on my page and millions of others didn’t I? And if you don’t buy, well it’s your loss because I know that no matter how much traffic I get to this page that a certain percentage will buy it. So, I know that my target daily is 30,000 viewers of this page. And, If I can do that you can too and if you can do that, you will make, let me see….. well a lot of freaking money!

Guess what? You are one of the 30,0000 viewers, but don’t be one of those who just pass it by.... you want to make more money, right? You want to actually retire some day, right? Is $97.00 going to take food off your table or make you go bankrupt? Look, do something different get something different. Even if you have tried systems online before, try it! I have tried things that do not work either, but I’ve also made a lot more successful. I’m not going to beg you to change your life. That’s up to you. I will provide the tools. You put in the time and effort. Oh, and pay me $97.00 of my time ok? All you do is create a profile and then cut and paste a few things daily into your feed. And by doing so, you will make money! And a little secret, if you get a pop up that says to boost your post for $3.00 and see another 3500 people to your post, then do it! That $3.00 makes me an extra $2,000.00 every time I can use it! I am literally giving you the same exact software I am using, and the more users we bring on to it, the better it works. There are no recurring fees either. It is a one time cost of only $97.00! I considered charging $3,500.00, but then my software engineer told me that if we drop the price some and were able to add more than 1000 users, then we would all make more monies. And so below you will see the counter of the total number of people who have bought and are using and making money with my system. If they can do it, why not you? Look, put the $97.00 on your credit card. Think of it like this, as this is how all business owners do. Put the $97.00 on your credit card, and before the bill comes out, use the funds generated from the system to pay the $97.00 fee off. Below is a check list of what you get with my system and our Iron clad Guarantee and Warranty of services.


Now is the time!

You have zero risk, absolutly nothing to lose, and nothing standing between you and the good life.

only 97 dollars!

  • Unlimited Access to the ViralFBProfits Member’s only Software System
  • Unlimited access to an advisor in our customer service center
  • 100% Money back Guarantee, that states: if you complete all of the 12 – 15 steps of our system then you will receive 100% of your monies back when requested if you do not make at least 3 times your money within 48 hrs of your completing the last step.
  • Our Video Learning library to teach you the steps and secrets that Myself and over 300 marketers I know that make six and seven figures use every day.
  • Access to VFBP resource center to make extra cash through the affiliate Lead Gen program
  • Your very own FB Business Marketing Page
  • A free consult with a start up specialist where he/she will evaluate your current situation and goals and set up a specific plan for your success.
  • Your own unique affiliate I.D. that guarantees that all of the traffic you create is uniquely identified as yours and you get all related commissions and monies.
  • No Recurring fees